The Flight From Flu

Nov 25, 2009

Our answer to the flu vaccine(s) is to bolster your natural immune system and at the same time taking a full spectrum anti-viral as a daily supplement.

The foundation of this formula are the Chinese herbs Astragulus as an immune tonic and Isatis as a full spectrum anti-viral. There is no equivalent I'm aware of in western medicine. The result: despite exposure from others during the so called flu season you become a less-than-welcome host.

This may be taken as a convenient combination in tablet form or as a granulated tea formula pleasant in taste and suitable for children.

To date no one we know taking these formulas have gotten sick with either a cold or the flu. Other factors which certainly contribute are adequate quality rest, managing stress, good quality water in sufficient quantity and a more alkalizing approach to your diet.

This means increasing vegetables, whole grains and vegetable quality protein rather than primarily animal sources of protein such as beans, legumes & seeds. Fresh vegetable juices with or without certain fruits are another great way to up your alkalinity.

The more acidic you are the more fatigue you'll experience and the better you'll become at hosting these nasty micro-organisms. Altering your internal Ph balance goes a long way to prevent dis-ease or susceptibility of any kind.

Prevention first will ultimately lower all of our heath care costs.


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