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Nov 23, 2009

Stefan Brink...

Introducing Kazuko Kuratomi; Medical intuitive and master bodywork therapist. We met in 1992 and I was most impressed by the transformative approach she took in the work- shops she offered in Ann Arbor as well in private care.

At 67 years young she appears 40 and has boundless energy. Her slight build is no indication of how powerful she is. Her roster of patients include many highly influential opinion leaders. She has a huge network of teachers trained in delivering her methods especially in Japan, Finland, Estonia and Norway.

The methods developed by her in a direction deeper than traditional Shiatsu or Acu-Pressure includes Shin Do, Jomen Bon Stretching and the DNA Method. We're blessed to have this wise woman as someone who contributes to our practice and to lead upcoming workshops.

Please call to schedule an appointment if you feel inspired to try something that will definitely change you.


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