Track Your Health is a service we provide to empower you to take control of your nutritional health and bring your body back into balance.

At Track Your Health, you can purchase an inexpensive, 24-hr Urinalysis Home Test Kit and high-quality supplements that can be delivered to your door each month.

Track Your Health also features a free, online health history questionnaire that can trace back symptoms to suggest a complete supplement regimen as well as customized meal plans. We will help evaluate your test results to be sure any nutrient deficiencies and/or toxicities you may have are being addressed as a part of your care here at The Health Oasis.

Urinalysis lab test results reflect how a client’s body handles dietary intake which is not available through a spot urine test, blood or hair analysis. Labs are fully licensed and regularly inspected by the state and federal regulatory agencies to ensure the highest quality of service and safety.



To access our Track Your Health service, follow this link to the Track Your Health homepage.

First-time users - go to “Register Kit” at the top of the page where you will set up a User ID and Password for tracking your health in the future.

(please use The Health Oasis website as your launch site each time or you will need our partner ID# which is 4429). If you get stuck anywhere along this process or have any questions/concerns, please give us a call at 248-544-2022 and we will be glad to help you.

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