We are making many efforts to make The Health Oasis an environmentally healing experience as well as a personal healing experience.

We have installed rain barrels, water-saving toilet-flush mechanisms, solar panels on the garage and house, and a permaculture-design garden with biodynamic applications.

We are practicing api-culture (bee-keeping), and now that Royal Oak has a new law allowing chickens, we are considering keeping and raising chickens.

We are enthusiastic about sharing with you our many efforts in creating a harmonious environment  for people, animals, and plants. Even in an urban environment, you too can experience the rewards of eating your own nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables and healing medicinal herbs, collecting your own rain water for use in your own garden, harvesting the sun's energy and reducing your carbon footprint as well as your utility bills.

Check out the Overview of Energy Production, Environmental Benefits and Carbon Footprint Offset that our solar panels are generating by clicking here.