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Our regular fee policy is as follows:  First time consultation with Stefan Brink is $150.00 and does not include any herbs that he might suggest for you.  However, it does include acupuncture if you and Stefan agree that this is something that might improve your condition. For your first appointment please plan on being here for one and half to two hours.  Follow up visits are $95.00 per session and again does not include any herbs that Stefan may suggest for you.  All follow up visits last for around one hour each. After your first appointment we can offer you a cost savings package for your acupuncture treatments.  This would amount to $800.00 for 10 sessions.  We do require that you pay the $800.00 up front.  By purchasing the series of 10 up front you will be saving $150.00 over the complete series of 10.

Colon Hydrotherapy is $75.00 per session.  It takes about one hour from the time that you walk in to the time that you walk out for each session.  We also offer a cost savings package on colon hydrotherapy.  You can purchase a series of three colon hydrotherapy sessions for $210.00 making them only $70.00 per session. Or purchase six colon hydrotherapy sessions for only $390.00.  This will save you $60.00 over the complete series of six, equivalent to $10.00 off each session.  Again, we require that you pay for the series in advance.

For more on fees please call our offices at the number listed above or E-mail us and we will be happy to go over the rest of our pricing structure policy with you.

We accept Visa and MasterCard.  We also accept checks and we offer a $5.00 discount for cash payments for the services that we provide.

When you call or E-mail us for your first appointment please ask us about our referral incentive program.  This is just another way to help you save money while you receive our health improvement services.

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