Kazuko Kuratomi is a master intuitive healer who has developed her own methods of bodywork therapy and stretching systems that correspond directly with the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu. 
  • Member of the Japanese Figure Skate National Team

  • 1988 Completed her studies on Eastern Philosophy and began the foundation for her healing method

  • 1989 Conducted a workshop at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island.

  • 1992 Lectured at the Conference Management for the Future with Dr.Spock, Dr.Michio Kushi. (MI)

  • 1994 Founded the Shindo Association of Japan and started teaching all over her country

  • 1995 Published her book “Shindo Healing”

  • Conducted classes at the Yomiuri Cultural Center (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Conducted a workshop at the Matusita Konosuke Laboratory

  • 1997 Conducted Shindo workshops in Germany, Peru, Finland, Estonia, Chile and Argentina

  • 1997 Founded The Shindo Associations in Finland and Estonia.

  • 1999 Conducted a workshop for the UNESCO (France)

  • 2002 Represented the Shindo Association at the International Cancer Symposium in Hawaii

  • 2002 Founded The Shindo Association in Peru

  • 2004 Kuratomi Relaxation team worked at the National Special Olympics in Japan

  • Published her book”Kuratomi Style Jomon Stretching”

  • 2005 worked at the Special Olympic Games

  • 2006 Conducted a workshop at Japan Airline headquarters

  • 2009 Conducted a workshop at the Jomon Festival in Finland

  • 2011 Conducted a workshop at the Jomon Festival in Estonia

  • 2012 Founded the Kuratomi Jomon Shindo Association, USA

  • 2012 Conducted a workshop at The Heidelberg Project, Detroit, MI

  • 2012 Helped assemble the Arakawa Gins Bioscleve House

  • Currently there are more then 280 instructors and 1000 assistant instructors of Kuratomi Jomon Shindo over the world.

To schedule an appointment with Ms. Kuratomi or if you have any questions, give us a call at 248-544-2022.

For more information about Kuratomi Jomon Shindo stretching classes and Instructor Training programs, visit www.kuratomijomonshindo.com.