Gua Sha (gwa' sha') has the effect of deep tissue bodywork without all the effort, while using the correct tool for the patient's condition.  Movement occurs along muscle fiber, releasing layers of stagnation while moving in a direction specifically to remove toxic waste that has built up between the muscle fibers, typically for many years.

Gua Sha addresses issues of toxicity, stagnation and knots or spasms known as “Muscle Crepitus” in the muscle fibers.

"Muscle Crepitus" is characterized by knots and chronic spasms of the muscle fibers due to the accumulation of metabolic waste.  It often manifests as pain in the lower and upper back and neck, or other armored muscle groups.

With Gua Sha, the removal of these intramuscular toxins can be addressed, with most people noticing right away an increased range of motion and decreased contraction and pain.

Usually, three sessions are indicated, depending on how the individual localizes their stress.

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